Evocati Testing Static Server Meshing Between Pyro and Stanton Today
MOTD in SC-Testing-Chat: > (Thursday) We currently have a new TECH-Preview build in testing for an Evocati Only release later today for a 4 hour playtest with Static Server meshing, Stanton/Pyro. More info will be posted closer to release Wakapedia-CIG: >   As per our updated release notes, we are going to start posting patch notes and playtests publicly starting today for evocati builds!

Summary - credit goes to /r/starcitizen #SC-news bot Inside Star Citizen | Tactical Capital **Devs:** John Crewe (Vehicle Art Director) & Nate Dearsley (Was the Vehicle Art Director) __**Notable Information:**__ ➣ The Idris exterior has had a quite a few reworks both in its current shape/profile as well as from its original concept design. ➣ They used slight changes in elevation even among the same deck to give it as much useable space and for pathing to make sense. ➣ The gravity room was moved from upstairs to downstairs. ➣ No dead ends really exist in the Idris, its all one big flowing route. ➣ There is a sub deck, main deck, and ➣ Bunks have shutters for privacy and there is a built in entertainment area. ➣ Pilots area is going to see a size increase before release. ➣ The Captain's room and missile room are not fully available as they are pulled from a specific spot in SQ42s development and they are not quite ready. ➣ Idris was put into production around the same time as the Retaliator. ➣ The Hammerhead uses a lot of the Idris kit so players will notice many similarities. ➣ The pilot ready room used to be across from ATC but was moved to the deck with the rest of the habitation items. ➣ The Idris features amenities like a gym, brig, armory/firing range, and a briefing room. ➣ There is a cargo area below the hangar accessible by lifts in the hangar. ➣ the Idris engine room took a lot of real world inspiration and that is extending to other capital ships. ➣ The Idris has redundancies like bulkheads and backup components for emergencies. ➣ The engine room is by far the most protected room of the ship making it intentionally difficult for enemies to disable the ship. ➣ The bridge has both a lift and two sets of staircases for access. ➣ Visibility was drastically improved on the bridge. ➣ There is still "quite a bit of work" to do on the Idris before its ready for players. ➣ *"Oh no, IDRIS the ship you have been looking for?!?!"*

TL;DW: * Distribution Centers will be more unique than bunkers (mostly visually, ownership) * initial release will only bring DCs on planets (and by planets they mean Hurston and Microtech) * more professions (mining, salvage etc.) could be tied to DCs in the future * DCs are big enough for hauling missions taking place inside them (without leaving the facility) * Jared acknowledged the need/hunger for non-combat content * no plans for abandoned/derelict DCs at the moment * no specific plans for roads, some generic ideas mentioned * DCs might be ownable in the future, no specific plans at the moment * DCs won't replace existing bunkers * raids are intended as end-game content (difficult, valueable rewards), won't release in 2024 * another mention that DCs are **REALLY BIG** and players are underestimating the size * DCs vary by onwership, security etc (they're trying to explain how non-agressive players can use them without worrying about PvP) * DCs can be: friendly (available with neutral or better rep with the owner), hostile (shoot everything) or mixed * for 3.23 friendly DCs will have green zones to protect non-agressive players (just a stop-gap until law & order system improves) * they want to make the punishment for unlawful actions more severe and persistent (they have a lot of ideas, won't talk about them until trying them out) * suggestion for haulers worried about getting pirated to hire escort Part 2 is about Forrest Stephan (Principal Technical Artist) - no point making notes, just watch it if you're interested.

How long have you lived on your own Ship?
Given that with 3.18 bedlogging finally functioning again (albeit a bit restrictive with the only one person can be on a ship during bedlogging), I wanna ask how long have you been able to live onboard your ship? With that I mean waking up in your ship and then bed logout on the same. I am starting my journey through the stars on board of my Crusader Mercury Star Runner (BFS-The Long Dream), trying to do everything from it: be it missions, cargo, exploration (mostly sand caves) and mining. Got any stories to share as well?

Best gameplay loop for aUEC in 3.19?
What's the best way to build up aUEC in 3.19? I've played this game a bit, touch and go for a year or so. Is bounty hunting still the way to go? Bunker missions? Mining? Something else? I've mainly been doing bounties and bunker missions with some friends to pay for my ship upgrades for the third time, but only spent a couple hours so I'm not too invested in any one path

MOTD: 30009 Errors should be fixed for all players (may need a final char repair).
Message of the day from Waka: (Frjádagr) We are intending on releasing a new 3.19.1 PTU build later today with updated asop technical flow that should resolve a handful of issues including black screens and locked terminals! We also just ran another fix in the backend that should hopefully resolve the majority of the remaining players who are getting 30009 errors in LIVE on launch. You may need to do a character repair to see this function! We still think there are a few cases this didn't resolve the issue and are looking into it but hopefully this helps quite a bunch! (Waka's Day) A New 3.19.1 PTU is now available for All Backers to test! | Hidden Link:

How do you play Star Citizen?
Do you play solo, or in an Org? Do you care about Roleplaying or are you rather casual? I for myself work mostly alone and solo but I would love eventually join a mil-sim org where I could perform duties of a logistics officer. For example bringing People and Equipment from A to B or gather resources for refining/salvaging which then later could be used (when the Game has progressed) for utilizing those raw resources to manufacture ammunition, repairs and fuel etc.

What’s your Gun Rack Loadout?
The persisting Gun Rack Feature/Bug/Glitch/Exploit is still around in 3.19.1. So what's your go to loadout in your favorite ship? Right now I spend a lot of time in my Vulture, which has 2 Primary Weapon Slots, and 3 Pistol/Utility Slots. - Bloodline Multi-Tool with Orebit Mining Attachment - Ghost Multi-Tool with Tractor Beam - Medical Gun - Evergreen FS-9 with x3 Scope, Suppressor, and Green Laser Pointer - Smiley Face Custodian with x3 Scope, Suppressor, and Red Laser Pointer.

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The things people say… (dumb quasi memes for the wait)

It still amazes me that games that look _this_ good run as well as they do on Linux nowadays. For those unaware, LUG is the [Linux Users Group]( org, currently the #15 largest org in the game.

Tickets go on sale the 28th, 29th, and 30th in waves. Based on previous years tickets I would expect something close to $100+ for the general tickets, and up to $200 for the premium tickets. Maybe more since this is a 2 day event now? Edit: updated date

Useful links
Here are a list of some links that I've found to be very useful while playing the game and following its development. Ship loadout tool with tons of features: Trading tools: Travel Guide: Wiki: Find any item/place anywhere: Dev Tracker: An alternative to tracking roadmap progress:

This one rivals the shirt with the old "helmet required" warning sign from Port Olisar airlocks.

(Wednesday) We are not expecting a new PTU publish today Tomorrow is the start of Alien Week afterall...?

What do you guys think is going on with Squadron 42?
Do you think they're gearing up for a release? Do you think they're gearing up for another 2 years+ of game development and delays? I personally think it's kind of weird that they're able to stay silent for so long. Surely they must be working on *something.*

I always wanted to ride in a hamster cage and thanks to the Alien Week 2953 offering I now can do exactly that. But in style! I totally love the Paintjobs for the Alien ships, and Harmony is just the best for the Aopoa Khartu'al! The gimballed thrusters I loved from the Mirai Fury actually started with this ship and it makes so much fun steering in with it. from 0 to top speed in space in no time, and some very nice weapon hardpoints to boot with (2xs4!) and that transformation sequence. Just sheer awesome. What do you like about the Aopoa Khartu'al?

Could be a good sign. If the Current PTU is stable enough that we haven't seen any hotfixes, we may be in for an update to the Live servers soon.

Basically, for the 3.19.1 update, you will want to move all subscriber/reward gear that is at your home location into a ship that you personally own just to make sure that it is registered for Long Term Persistence (LTP). You can then immediately move it back to local. See the link for additional details. Note: You should also make sure to move any recently looted gear into a ship you own at least once.

Edit: not a livestream, just a short video ad for Alien Week. Alien ships are now for sale on the pledge store.

I went from 1009 to 997 in the login queue after about 6 minutes. Could be a long night friends.

Hello, just found the lemmy community today. seems i wont be able to use my Boost app next month so I thought I'd make a first post here

As title, they teased it quite a bit but is postponed to at least December

Talking about the San'tok.yāi and the Hull C with its upcoming Cargo changes.

Alien week, which paint should I get for my defender?
I don't know which one to pick of these two! What do you think? Ocellus ![]( Harmony ![]( I feel like the Wanderer paint is so nice on the Nox (it looks as if it ran over Smurfs), but is not the best fit for the Defender.

Powerplants and Coolers
I'll confess. I am half posting this to help assist in generating conversation in this community. But I am genuinely curious: Is it worth it to change out coolers / power plants? I changed out my Taurus's quantum drive and it was hugely helpful, so I'm kind of exploring what other upgrades I could make. What component upgrades have you tried? Were they helpful or noticable? Thanks all!

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