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I sympathize with you. I didn’t grow up catholic, but rather evangelical, but I can understand the realization that the people who taught you to love others have an ideology that is profoundly hateful. I remember the bewilderment and confusion that goes along with that realization. I didn’t leave the faith altogether, although at times it felt like I would, but I’m in a dramatically different place than I was a decade ago for sure.

All that to say that I understand at least a little of what you’re going through, and I’m sorry you’re grappling with this. It helped me to realize that there are believers out there that think differently, and that the transphobes, homophobes, racists, and reactionaries don’t own the faith.

Hi @FfaerieOxide. Beehaw has one rule: Be(e) Nice. This kind of personal attack isn’t really in the spirit of Beehaw, and I’d like to ask you to please reconsider how you interact with users on this instance. You can disagree with someone without being insulting or demeaning.

It’s decent for generating ideas or names for fiction. I’ve used it for tabletop stuff a couple of times to give me NPC names or lists of personality traits, and it’s good sometimes for breaking writers block when I get stuck on some detail and I can’t figure out what word I want to use or what to name something. You can usually get it to give you some sort of okay suggestions, but the volume of ideas is usually enough to spark a better idea for me. The only weird thing I’ve noticed is that GPT4 (or whatever flavor bing/copilot is currently using) REALLY likes alliteration to a degree that is downright corny. It’s kinda weird but sort of funny honestly.

Some of the decks and jokers you unlock change the game pretty dramatically.

I’m in the same boat, I’ve made it all the way to Orange and just can’t seem to put together a winning run. Which deck have you been trying it with?

I don’t think that’s necessary, just something to keep in mind going forward.

It’s a CYA thing for copyright infringement. Linking is fine, but hosting (we think) puts us on shakier legal ground, at least from what I understand.

Hi @hedge@beehaw.org, we’re starting to ask users not to paste full articles in the description or comments, there have been some concerns about this practice and we just want to try and head it off. I have no issues at all with linking to one of the several archive sites that will allow users to bypass paywalls, though.

Please refrain from name calling on Beehaw. Our one rule is “Be(e) Nice” and I’d like to ask you to reconsider how you are engaging in this discussion.

This comment, and others in the thread below, are not engaging in the spirit of this instance. If you have questions about why someone has formatted their post the way they have, you can ask them without insulting the user. I’ll be removing any further comments that engage in this manner.

There’s no need to be rude.

I’m not asking people not to circumvent paywalls. In fact, if you reread my comment, I recommended the user leave an archive link, which is a method of bypassing paywalls that doesn’t involve posting the full contents of the article to this site.

We’ve started asking users not to do this. No issues with posting an archive link, though.

We’ve started asking folks to post archive links if they want to help folks get around a paywall, as there’s some question about Beehaw’s legal liability if we’re posting the full article on the site.

It isn’t, but I think this probably fits. Enshittification is when a company provides useful, good services to gain users, then once those users are locked in they start degrading those service or removing features to cut costs, right? That seems like a pretty close analogy to what’s going on here, I’d think.

Hey. While I sympathize with the sentiment here, this kind of drive by, low effort content isn’t really the vibe we’re trying to cultivate on Beehaw, and I’ve noticed that this kind of comment seems to be the primary way you’re engaging with our instance. We’re not asking folks to write an essay every time you want to comments, but we would like for commenters to try and add to the discussion rather than just creating noise that doesn’t really contribute to the conversation. In the future, please try to put a little more effort into your comments, even if it’s just to explain your feelings with more detail in a way that will contribute to the conversation around the topic at hand. Also, please remember our primary guideline: Be(e) nice.

Hi skeptomatic, Beehaw Technology mod here. To be clear, this community is not only for the uncritical admiration technological development or the tech sector. It is a community for discussion of Technology in general, which will likely include discussion of the effects of technology on society. Those topics very well may include discussions of how and when those technologies, the environment they are developed in, or the systems they enable are harmful to human flourishing.

You are absolutely welcome to defend generative AI as a useful or positive development - I personally think it’s a really interesting technology with some major potential (although I think we’re probably in a hype cycle and it’s being applied in all kinds of ways that don’t really make sense), but I also recognize that there are potential social pitfalls in it’s development and deployment. Those ideas are worth discussing in a kind, civil manner.

Lastly, when you comment here on Beehaw, please remember our rule: Be(e) Nice.

Alien Weaponry! They’re a Maori metal band and a lot of their songs are written/sung in Maori.

Hatupatu and Kai Tangata are two of their songs that I really enjoyed.

I think one of the community mods from another community on beehaw is Kiwi so they might be familiar with some others as well.

I don’t know how “pure” you want your chiptunes to be, but for my money Master Boot Record is some of the best stuff out there. I would definitely say it’s at the very least gaming inspired if not pure chiptunes, and it kicks all kinds of ass. They’ve done a lot of covers of classic game music - Bloody Tears is a great one, as well as their cover of the Doom theme. But I really love their original stuff too. Internet Protocol is a 10/10 album to me.

Slightly less chiptunes but still absolutely gaming inspired is their side project Keygen Church. Tenebre Rosso Sangue from the Ultrakill soundtrack is probably their best known track. It’s sort of a chiptunes adjacent castlevania-metal vibe? It’s hard to describe but it absolutely destroys.

Yeah IMO the more famous and respected Kojima has gotten, the worse his writing has been. And I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, he badly needs editors. I think it’s kind of like George Lucas in that they have a lot of ideas, some of which are really good and some of which are absolutely batshit. Sometimes those types of writers need someone who can ground them and tell them that they don’t have to put all of their ideas in.

Hi @satan@r.nf, please remember Beehaw’s primary founding principal when commenting here: Be(e) Nice.

It is possible to disagree with someone without using abusive language. If you think they are wrong, attack their arguments (civilly), not the person.

@Scary_le_Poo and @jarfil: if the two of you have a disagreement on another thread, please work it out between the two of you like adults there; don’t spill it over into other, unrelated threads.

@Scary_le_Poo, these types of personal attacks are not acceptable on beehaw. It is possible to disagree while still being kind and without resorting to angry or abusive language. Please try to remember beehaw’s guiding principal when interacting with others in the future.

Hi, can you clarify what you mean or provide a source? I’m not away of any widespread examples of this but it could be that I’m misunderstanding or misremembering.

I’ve been playing Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria with a group of friends. It’s pretty janky at times, but the vibe is pretty fun and we’re all LotR nerds to some degree, so it’s been fun arguing about where the devs were lore friendly and where they colored outside the lines. It’s also nice to play a survival crafting game like this that has no PvP so the balancing can be entirely based on PvE play, which means the grind isn’t anywhere near the level of Ark or Conan. I’d say it’s a more janky little brother of Grounded with a LotR coat of paint and some pretty cool level design.

Hi @Leafeytea - I’ve removed this comment because a lot of folks are reading it as threatening toward Meta employees. I don’t want to assume that’s your intention, though. If you’d like, shoot me a DM or reply here and I will restore the comment if you would like to edit it to clarify what you meant.

Mod tools weren’t a priority the last time we heard anything from the Lemmy devs about it. It’s possible that has changed since then but I doubt it.

We have had a few people from beehaw working on contributing some things, but from what I have gathered (as someone who isn’t a software engineer) the lemmy codebase is very difficult to work with.

I can pretty much guarantee that on beehaw at least, at least one mod will look at any report. As far as what the mod action would be, I think it would depend on the situation. For misinformation that is deceptive and harmful in some way, we have and likely would continue to remove it. For something that is not intending to be deceptive and/or isn’t actively harmful, I think I would be more inclined to leave it up and leave it to the community to hash out in the comments. For example, I’d be likely to remove disinfo about Covid vaccines or conspiracy theories about 5g or something, but I probably wouldn’t remove a post just because somebody called Linux an OS instead of “GNU plus Linux” or something. But that’s just how I would tend to treat this sort of thing. For most mod actions that aren’t straightforward, we tend to try and discuss them and get multiple perspectives.

The unfortunate reality of headlines is that, frequently, the author of the article has little or no control over them. Generally an editor will be writing a headline for maximum punch and clickability, and very frequently you will find articles with deceptive or clickbait-y headlines where the article is much better quality.

Hi - Beehaw mod here - we very much give a shit. We try to stay on top of things as much as we can, but we’re all volunteers with lots of other things going on, and !Technology is our most active community. If you see something that you feel needs attention, please report it with an explanation in the report reason so that we can take a look at it. We don’t always take action, but we always look at and evaluate user reports.

Hi, if you see any examples of this, please report them. I can’t promise that we’ll always take action, but we do try to. The mods here are all volunteers and don’t always have the ability to pick up on this type of thing - we rely on reports to draw our attention to things that might need action on our part.

Another difficulty is that Lemmy offers a very limited set of tools when it comes to something like this. I can’t tag or flair an article as having a deceptive headline - there’s no tag/flair feature. Mods can’t edit post titles, and we can’t even sticky a comment within a post; only posts can be stickied. Our only tools are commenting or messaging the OP asking them to change the title (and if it’s a federated post there no guarantee that the edit would federate in a reasonable amount of time, if ever) or remove the post. Often when we get reports there is already a good discussion in the comments about why the headline is bad, and personally I am always reluctant to remove posts that have good, ongoing discussion in them (as long as no one is being harmed anyway).

In the end of the day I agree that we should moderate titles more. I think we ought to moderate a few things more closely. But Beehaw’s mods are just normal users who, in their spare time, do their best to try and keep things nice. In particular, !Technology is our largest and most active community, and it is essentially impossible for us to stay on top of every post and evaluate it for accuracy, even if we might like to.

Sorry for the early morning ramble. I’m not disagreeing at all with your comment, just trying to give some perspective on why it might be a bigger ask than you realize.

I think you might need to take a break and cool off. You’re all over this thread getting way too heated for a discussion about a search engine. Please keep in mind Beehaw’s guiding principal and Be Nice.

Hi @ripcord, we have one rule on Beehaw - “Be(e) nice”. In the future, please be respectful of other users when posting in Beehaw communities. Thanks!

I’m removing this comment. Your link isn’t relevant to the discussion, Prop 8 was an attempt to ban gay marriage in a state where it was currently legal.

Further attempts to debate human rights will be met with a permanent ban.

I honestly don’t intend to be rude, so please don’t take this the wrong way. But this is a very minor detail that was featured in prelaunch marketing and went heavily viral. I understand not wanting to encounter spoilers about important events in a game, but this is not that.

Hi, please remember to Be(e) nice. I also think it’s a little silly to get in a huge flap about the headline of this article, but I’d ask that you also remember to be kind to other users.

TBH, unless you got extraordinarily lucky (or had the right connections to get somebody to push your NFTs) you probably would have wound up losing money. “Gas” fees on the Etherium blockchain can get really high, and I found this article that has some really good numbers on median prices for NFT sales. For the time period their data came from (a random week during the NFT gold rush) about %30 of artists sold for prices low enough that they were likely to barely break even or possibly lose money on fees. Virtually no artists made any appreciable money on NFTs even during the biggest hype periods.

General Megathread for Elon Musk Nonsense and Twitter News
Hey folks - The seemingly never-ending flood of Musk/Twitter news and commentary is getting to some of our users (and some of the mods, too), so we've decided to create a general Megathread for all things related to Elon Musk and X/Twitter. This thread will be a general Musk catch-all, so we're including news about Musk acting the fool as related to *any* of his companies (SpaceX, Tesla, Boring). News about those companies that don't involve Elon can be posted outside this thread.

Why It’s Rude to Suck at Warcraft
I'm honestly not sure how to summarize this video. It's a very interesting look at the way that the impulse to "optimize" gameplay affects the culture surrounding games, especially MMOs and other multiplayer games. It particularly looks at World of Warcraft and the social norms that have developed around and within the game. It's a long watch but I found it really interesting, and I have zero connection to WoW and have never played it.

It was interesting seeing this headline over the weekend. RPG platform DrivethruRPG has also come out with [a similar statement](https://www.reddit.com/r/rpg/comments/smx42p/drivethrurpg_on_twitter_in_regards_to_nfts_we_see).