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I’ve been listening to podcasts through Spotify for a while now, and they’re definitely inserted by Spotify from my experience. I’ve had personalized ads show up during defined ad break times, or the ad starts rolling mid sentence/doesn’t roll when they say it’s ad time.

From what I’ve seen here the vulnerability exposes card number and expiration details. I don’t know enough about NFC payment authorization to confidently confirm, but I’m not sure what other information would constitute an authorization

I’d say it’s generally pretty good. I’m not very skilled at audio balancing, but I think finding a way to reduce spikes in the audio from your microphone would help out.

If I’m watching a let’s play, I personally am not expecting the player to know everything. Part of the interest to me is watching a person newly experience obstacles and making mistakes, especially when I’m already familiar with a game that they’re playing.

As for what to say, I think it could be something like just explaining your thought process out loud. See a tech/research Item that interests you? You could talk about how you might be able to use it, even if you are making incorrect assumptions. (One of my favourite youtubers quite frequently makes guesses at lore of horror games he’s playing. Sometimes he’s right, sometimes he’s wrong. Either way it’s something I personally enjoy.)

You could then also verbalize how you’re planning to reach that tech, which lets your viewers know what you plan to do, and how you plan to do it. It could be something like:

I like Tech A, which means I need tech B to get there. But Tech B requires these science packs I’m not making yet, so I need more [item] to start that.

I wouldn’t worry too much if you don’t end up doing everything perfectly or according to plan. Getting distracted with some other project is a very common thing in Factorio, and I would assume most viewers would be able to relate to it as well.

All that said, don’t feel forced to do so on my recommendation. It is definitely extra work, and it is really strange to talk to the air and record your voice when you get started.

I recently completed another playthrough of Krastorio 2. The endgame felt a bit empty without the Space Exploration mod that I was using last time, but still overall is quite a bit of fun.

Have you ever considered doing some voiceover or commentary for your videos? IMO, it might add some extra quality overall.

Looks like this link is broken, or is otherwise being blocked by google. Do you have a different link you could share?

Doesn’t appear to be, at least from Beehaw’s perspective. It’s possible you saw another post on a separate instance, as it was crossposted to several instances.

I remember the bomb, but not the second part. I’ll go looking for if there’s any mentions or reference to that, but if you have one handy, that’d be helpful.

Edit: Big yikes. It’s found in the audio logs. Not the act itself, but it’s pretty heavily insinuated in a monologue from the bad guy that he’s going to force it to happen.

Here’s my perspective on how I’ve viewed this exchange:

In response to your initial comment, Evergreen expressed their opinion on how people might have interpreted a comment to be more literal than it was intended. They also expressed their desire for Beehaw to try and move away from the type of dismissive “go outside and touch grass” type of argument many of us were accustomed to seeing on Reddit. They provided examples of where the use of “normies” has previously been a negative connotation, and how someone might arrive at that conclusion based on prior experience, even if it was not accurate

From my perspective, your response to that comment boiled down to 2 points: -No one is obligated to respond -It doesn’t matter what your previous experience is, it is wrong to assume that an interaction might be playing out like previous times it played out.

If it were worded less aggressively and more cooperatively, I believe this could have been a very constructive conversation about social expectations and assumptions.

Evergreen then responded with a list of reasonable assumptions that we make based on previous experience.

You responded with an insult.

Its pretty clear with that last message, and your responses to moderators that your intent is not to have constructive conversations and make an effort to make Beehaw a better space.

Please take some time to read the Beehaw Core Principles section: https://docs.beehaw.org/docs/core-principles/beeple-code-of-conduct/

You’ve already been asked to be nice yesterday. It’s not about “suffering fools”, its about working to make Beehaw a positive space, and acting in good faith, even when you disagree with other users. Resorting to insults is not in line with that.

Please remember, this is Beehaw. Our primary rule is Be(e) Nice.

So how does that work for the games that had monetization stripped out? Do you just get the reward for free since you’re paying for the subscription? Or do you just not have the option for that “purchase”?

I’ve been playing a mix of Remnant: From the Ashes and Stellaris.

I’ve completed Remnant now, and am just gearing up for the DLC, but the problem with it is that you have to erase your campaign progress (character progress stays) before you can start the DLC, so I’m running around the campaign world to try get the things I might have missed before I can dive into the DLC.

For Stellaris, I’ve been playing a modded playthrough, with a mod named GigaStructures, which has been absolutely ridiculous in the power scale. The start of the power creep is turning small moons into hyperpowerful attack ships, aptly named Attack Moons. I then progressed to turning planets into ships, which was yet another order of magnitude. Finally, you can convert 5 moons and 4 planets into a stellar craft, using a local star as it’s power source and core component. The power scale with these mods is pretty wacky

I’ll second the recommendation for ITAD. It’s nice that it shows me the various store prices for a game I’m already looking to pick up. As a nice secondary bonus, it’s my understanding that all the sites listed in ITAD are verified to not be sketchy in regard to grey market keys, which I go to great lengths to not support.

My first experience with Dark Souls 1 was a real test of patience. I hadn’t realized how helpful the roll mechanic was. So there I was, from the start to the finish of the game, either blocking attacks with a shield, or just tanking them.

Once I got to Anor Londo, I remember kitting myself out in the Giants Armor, with a paired Giants Shield, and a Black Knight Sword that had been carrying me through the rest of the game. I was at something like 99.8% equip load, just enough that if I equipped a longbow, it put me in the over-encumbered slow walk.

And that’s how I beat the game. Just tanking everything that came my way. I got up to Quelaag in NG+ before I had to call it quits.

During the run, the rooftop Gargoyles gave me enough grief that I had to put the game down for a couple weeks. Had I decided to just give up then, I imagine my opinion of the Souls-like genre would be quite different today.

Can’t comment on Lost Ark, but nice profile pic! :)

Just a friendly heads up, but this is likely better suited for !technology@beehaw.org rather than Gaming

I’ve been meaning to pick snowrunner back up, but there’s just so many other games. Have some fun memories of trying to sort out the massive mess I had made sorting out a previous mess.

Its been over a year for me, but I’d be happy to help if you have questions. Just might need screenshots to jog my memory, haha

Have you been playing with any mods? I’ve played 17 and 22, both with mods that let me set up tractors to do general hauling and harvesting. I basically turned them into factory production games.

How is Death Stranding to replay? I recently got the directors edition from Humble (was a super strange redemption method, since I owned the first one), and was debating trying to pick it back up, as I quite enjoyed the standard edition

I ended up finishing my run of Necesse this week. It’s like a Terraria and Rimworld crossover. Has some crafting and base building, and some colony management aspects. Overall was pretty good, especially for the relatively low price.

Now I’ve switched over to Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. I’m about 12 hours in, have a party of level 4 characters, and am overall enjoying it. this is my first CRPG, and also my first foray into PF1e. Coming from PF2e, its a little archaic so far, but not insurmountable.

What are you playing this week?
What have you been playing this week? Do you think others might like it?

I would assume one person would be username@beehaw.org, and the other would be username@otherinstance

Don;t forget the 14 or so books the the church in the 1600’s decided shouldn’t be in the bible.

A portion of the feed was made up from a user posting articles to this feed from one of the other instances. They generated a bit of discussion, but mostly it was lower effort links.

When servers de-federate, it just means that users on each respective instance will not be able to connect to the other instance. If you’d like to follow that community, you’ll be able to either by making an account on that instance, or by making one on a separate instance and subscribing to both Beehaw and lemmy.world content(assuming that third instance is federated with both).

You’re free to make comments how you please in regards to punctuation, but please remember that one of the core values of Beehaw is to Be(e) Nice to others. Calling someone a sanctimonious moron does not fit that ethos.

They may be posting a decent bit, but I’m not seeing any repeated posts, and they all seem relevant to recent Gaming news, etc.

I’ve been burned by too many pre-orders for games, I’ll happily wait for a post-release sale so I can see how good it is before I spend my money.

Slightly different advice from what others have said, but while building it, I’ve always used an anti static wristband, grounded to either ground or the pc case. Maybe I’m overly paranoid, but that’s what I was taught, and haven’t had any issues with ESD so far