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This is absolute insanity. Hopefully, the entire Russian LGBTQ+ community will move from that awful place.

It also basically undoes all of the security and privacy features of Signal.

I’d like to have a source for this claim, please.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Campfire Chat Summary
Big changes/improvements coming to season 4 which has been delayed until May 14.

I have an invite link that may get you in faster. Let me know if you want it and I’ll send it to you in a direct message. I’ve already sent it to

I don’t believe there’s a wait list anymore. You should be able to just download it from an app store for free. In the future, they’ll release a premium version that will require payment.

They spent around $750,000 building that iMessage bridge…shame…However, there are many people self-hosting and still using iMessage on Android…that will, likely, get smacked down soon. I’ve used Beeper since the early Beta (a little over three years now) and I love it.

…stop conflating Zionism with Judaism…

Well, that’s the rub. Lighting candles or throwing water onto people’s foreheads isn’t Judaism nor Christianity.

I believe that very many people, who claim to be either Jewish or Christian, do not have the fundamental knowledge of their own faith traditions. To be even more specific, they have no clue what the core of their faith tradition teaches.

I’ve been studying academic biblical scholarship for around thirty years, so that is why I can speak to this issue. I could go on and on about this subject matter and I may make some in-depth posts about it in the future.

The world will be a better place the day after every serious news media organization leaves twitter and tells all their journalists they cannot use it as anything other than an original source to what a specific public figure has to say.


I haven’t seen a single bit of advertisement for the last 15 years.

Same…weird how most people don’t know about ad blocking strategies.

I’ve had iMacs and iPhones ONLY (no MacBooks) for 16 years with no problems.

I switched from Windows to Apple back in 2008…I have never regretted it.

…that multiple people agreed with here…

The admin/mod team here make the final decision as to what is nice or not. Do you have a genuine grievance?

Some days I just have to unplug and spend the entire time outdoors.

Interesting! What, precisely, have psychedelics healed him from?

The obsession with numbers (the more the better) is a major blinding effect in societies driven by hierarchical cultures.

So true!

Back in the day I used IRC but prefer Signal and Matrix now. I, also, use an email client.

Way back then, how did you spend your time while having a satisfying bowel movement?

Roughly a year ago, I was in the market for a major vehicle upgrade since my 2008 Prius was showing its age. I, really, wanted to be able to get a fully electric vehicle. However, I live in a rural area and there just isn’t enough charging stations to make it practical yet. So, I got a 2022 Toyota Prius (Hybrid) AWD. I’m very happy with this vehicle and it has all the modern bells and whistles as most EVs do.

By the time I’m in the market again for another vehicle, I have a feeling that there will be enough charging stations to finally get an EV. The BYD HAN looks amazing and I’m happy that this company has an easier price point.

In your second sentence, please remove/change the ‘r’ word. It is considered a slur and is not nice. Thanks.

There are several apps that offer more features and more privacy than iMessage and are officially supported (not relying on unofficial hacks) on every modern smartphone.

Like Signal and Element X, right?

Fix for Beeper Cloud is done, rolling out patch to all users now (3.5 hours remaining til everyone is fixed). No need to contact Beeper Help regarding this issue.

Testing fix for Mini now. Will require app update.

We realize how incredibly inconvenient this is for you. It’s super annoying that Apple is penalizing their own customers and Android users who just want secure and encrypted chats.

We understand if you choose to disable the iMessage bridge at this time. We’ll try to stabilize this and get you back in future.

  • Eric Migicovsky (Beeper Founder)

What can you tell me about Bluesky?
I just received my invite code today and took a quick look around the app. Like Mastodon I **do not** prefer microblogging platforms. And that's all I know about Bluesky. So, what can you tell me about this project?

10 Year Old Son Clears The Second Capstone Dungeon In Diablo 4…
NOT the first capstone dungeon...The **second** capstone dungeon that gets you into the nightmare level...With a level 58 ball lightning sorcerer! See the following video to find out how. It's fairly simple. [The New Best Build in Diablo 4](

I haven't played D4 in over a month. There's a lot of work to be done before I play more than the upcoming seasonal content.

[Unconfirmed] Season 29 of Diablo 3 should begin on September 15.
Was just watching [Raxx's video]( where I first heard this.

Consider joining our small yet high quality Diablo 4 clan
Our clan, 'Drink to the Dead', has been in the works for a year prior to the launch of Diablo 4. In our humble opinion, [Lothrik's Build Calculator]( is the best out there and they are a member of our clan. We have always striven to be the highest quality, but small, clan in Diablo 4. As far as I know, if you request to be in our clan in the game, then you won't be denied. Please, [join us on Discord]( for much more.

I was on the beta testing team and have been using Beeper for a little over two years now. The convenience of having an application to house all of your chat networks is amazing.

Lemmy mobile apps worth mentioning
(Please provide your Lemmy app recommendations in the comments) There are two apps, in particular, that I am testing. [Mlem]( (iOS) & [memmy]( (iOS & Android) Both are plugging away and looking very good.

Are you looking for a small but high quality Diablo 4 clan?
One of our members works on this: Please, join us:

Tech proficient users of Beehaw, we need your help
cross-posted from: > We've posted a number of times about our increasing storage issues. We're currently at the cusp of using 80% of the 25gb we have available in the current tier for the online service we run this instance on. This has caused some issues with the server crashing in recent days. > > We've been monitoring and reporting on this [progress]( occasionally, including support requests and comments on the main lemmy instance. Of particular note, it seems that pictures tend to be the culprit when it comes to storage issues. > > The last time a discussion around pict-rs came up, the following [comment]( stuck out to me as a potential solution > > > Storage requirements depend entirely on the amount of images that users upload. In case of, there are currently 1.6 GB of pictrs data. You can also use s3 storage, or something like sshfs to mount remote storage. > > Is there anyone around who is technically proficient enough to help guide us through potential solutions using "something like sshfs" to mount remote storage? As it currently exists, our only feasible option seems to be upgrading from $6/month to $12/month to double our current storage capacity (25GB -> 50 GB) which seems like an undesirable solution.