Has there ever been a compilation of suicide notes, if so, where can one get it? And is it a good idea to get it?
I am not in a great place right now in terms of productivity and flourishing in my personal and professional life, and every time I waste a day, every time I do something that I enjoy at the moment but which is not productive, I feel ashamed. I live in a country, where students sometimes end their own lives for not being able to get into their dream college or for not passing the exam that would have allowed them a job in the government bureaucracy, I have always thought that they were not ending their lives because they didn't pass the exams, but they are ending it because they have indulged in activities which are not conducive to their goal of passing the exam so many times that they have given up on themselves and every time they spend a lot of time doing stuff which they might like to do in the moment but would regret right after they do it, their respect for self decreases a little more and when they get the sad news that could not progress towards their goals, they have not only failed as an aspirant for an exam, they have also failed as a person (for now at least) i.e., As Dostoevsky states in C&P, "Your worst sin is that you've destroyed and betrayed yourself for nothing", even though I might indulge in activities that are pleasurable for me now, they add up to nothing and if I do this enough times, I will just give up and sometimes some people will give up on all not just their goals because they hate themselves so much! I don't want to end up like them (even though I feel pity for them, too bad there isn't an afterlife for them where they can be happy) , so I thought I would whip myself into a frenzy by reading a complication of suicide notes, this is for me an interesting task, but it also serves a purpose of warning me into things that I should not do! And to be completely honest, if I can derive some utility/meaning out of suicide notes, I mean the exact things that advertise the meaninglessness and the ugly side of life, that's pretty inspirational to me, I mean, it's like a metaphor for life, trying to life despite all the ugly stuff. So, to come back to the question, **Has there ever been a compilation of suicide notes, if so, where can one get it? And is it a good idea to get it?** PS: Sorry if this comes out the wrong way, if you haven't noticed, I am not that articulate. Also, I am alright right now, I am good, but I don't want to end up in a real bad situation, so I am looking for what I should I avoid. edit 2: I like this community, but I don't have enough time to respond to everyone, but know that I am grateful and know that I have heard you! :)

How do I make enough money to live?
Yes, I do have a full-time job, and I even enjoy it, but it doesn't pay enough to survive in this hellscape of a world we live in. I lack the college degree required to get almost any decent-paying job (plus my last job hunt took MONTHS to get a lead), I don't have the skills or originality to become an online content creator, nor the artistry or patience to create and sell trinkets on Etsy (plus, that would require an initial investment which I simply do not have). Should I set up a GoFundMe? OnlyFans? I wouldn't really be offering anything except a charity basket/collection plate so that feels dishonest at best. Idk, I'm quite literally having a breakdown because I'm probably going to lose my car soon, and then my job, and then my apartment, and then my life. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thank you

what would be a funny thing to teach my 5 y/o niece?
I'm visiting extended family for the first time in a long time, and one of my nieces has reached the impressionable age where she keeps mimicking things that she sees me do. what's a really funny but fairly harmless thing I should teach her to do?

What advice would you give to people in their 20s?
Feel free to share any life experiences or anecdotes.

What is your favorite movie? Or, what is your favorite genre of film?
I'm trying to get a gauge of what people here are interested in.

How do you deal with the poor and desperate around you? (Homeless or some stranger who is in an utterly helpless position)
I am low on money these days and my life is hell for it. I have to do with substandard everything in my life I recently had an incident where an elderly woman asked me for money while roaming the street with her family begging for money. I had no money to spare, but had I had any, I wouldn't have given a penny to her (Life is tough, I can't give away money I didn't earn) But, she later said something which melted my heart, "Majboori hai beta!" (Hindi) "We don't want to do this, but we have to do it son" (now add some emotional value to it), I didn't know what to do, I was on my cycle and I could feel their eyes on me as I passed them and I just peddled faster with teary eyes. I didn't know how to deal with that. i.e., I don't have enough money for medical necessities or to improve the standard of living of my own life, but I was being asked to spare change by a poor family that was demonstrably in a worse spot than me. I was always taught that if you give beggars money, they will spend it all on alcohol (not blaming them), and given the number of beggars who have come to be smelling like alcohol and death with wobbly balance, it has been a rule not to provide them with money. Also, let's not forget, if you're really poor (homeless and have nothing to lose) and you are really desperate, you are often dangerous i.e., not someone around whom your kids can roam, again, not blaming them. But... I don't know what is right or wrong in this situation! How do you deal with external problems you can't solve around you? What is the moral thing to do here? edit: This kinda reminds of a story about Jesus where a prince once came to him and told him that he isn't at peace with himself no matter what he does, and Jesus told him that to get peace he must give away everything to the poor and follow Jesus around and the prince refused (something along those lines). I know what the most moral thing might be in this case, but even if you tell me that I should give money to those who live in abject poverty, I probably won't do it as often as I should.

if you like doing your job and going home, how do you bear with coworkers who are lazier but more popular than you and get away with doing less?
cross-posted from: > you might be an introvert, passionate about your job, or simply old enough to disregard friendships at work because you already have enough friends and a family. > > The coworkers I like the most are the ones that come to work, don't like drama, do their job and go home. That's what I try to do. > > However, there are always some established cliques who know how to play the unit / supervisor and get away doing much less, even feeling entitled to order you around, even though they are not your supervisor. > > To people who experience this. How do you tolerate it? Even after changing jobs, this can happen at your new workplace, maybe it happens in every workplace?

Passive Aggressive signals
What are some passive aggressive signals or signs you see? Could be from co workers, strangers, that supposed friendly baker last week. It rustles my jimmies when someone is pulling off that smiling friendly attitude but they're actually being sarcastic or make off hand comments about me. It's almost like a way to goad me into being the arsehole of the conversation. What about you?

What would you do if a scraggly homeless person knocked on your door, and all he asked was for a sandwich, a bottle of water, a bath, and perhaps a beard trim?
I've actually skipped work just to help a homeless guy get his beard trimmed. Bought him pizza too. Kinda hard to get anywhere in life when you look like shit. Be kind to the homeless, they just need a helping hand here and there. What would you do?

Crocs (The shoe, not the animal) 🐊
To those wearing crocs, what are they like? Are they soft and comfy as the media portrays them to be? Are they suitable for summer and out about? I wore sandals before (jesus shoes I call them), they're not bad but crocs seems to interest me. Second question, why should I get some crocs? Pros/Cons?

Is there a way to know by checking all of the boxes, if it’s safe to swim here?
My friends keep begging me to go swimming at this location. I've been told by locals that it's not a wise decision. I was wondering how I can tell? I don't think it's about bacteria, but more there are a ton of boats, planes and former industrial waste in the area. Can I tell from these tests? It is Lake Union A522 if it doesn't link properly. Also, click all of the boxes to see the data and put in May through now to check the test. FYI, I've seen people swimming there, they seem like tourists though.

What would you do if you were on an underground train, when suddenly the train shook, you passed through a portal, and the next thing you knew your carriage was lying in an unknown new world?
Edit: apparently this is a very common form of Japanese storytelling called an isekai. There are 8 billion people in this world, no idea can be original. And sometimes you miss out on things many other people know. [I'm clearly one of today's lucky 10000.](

in your opinion which cartoon series timed their cinema movie debut perfectly?
Rugrats, Pokémon, The Simpsons, The Clone Wars... There's a bunch of possibilities.

What's your opinions for buying a used flip3 from places like amazon or CEX, judging from reviews the biggest worry is that the screen will breaking less than a year of second hand use.

Your first anime show/film
What was your first anime show or film? For me? The first anime related thing I saw as a kid was Spirited Away on VHS, I was awestruck from the animation and quality of the film. For shows it would've been the usual Pokemon and DBZ. As I grew older I suppose my first proper anime show was watching streams of Neon Genesis Evangelion due to people talking about it at school. So what about you? What did you see first?

What are some things that absolutely should NOT be recycled?
I'll start.. toilet paper, tampons, and QTips...

How Much Is Your Time Worth?
I spend a lot of time fixing things, for myself and others. (Computers, electrical, plumbing, etc). While I learn a lot, I wonder sometimes if it would be better to pay a professional and do something else for which I am more 'valuable'. Do you do the same, and do you find it worthwhile?

Why western people seldom use “please”?
Hello, First of all I don't really get the actual meaning of "please". I understand it as it used to make a polite request. However I have rarely seen any westerner saying "please" on either Lemmy, Mastodon or IRC. where I live using "please" (मेहरबानी) is used often.

What’s Some Tech That Was Better Than It Is Now?
When you connect a new device to a 'smart' tv, you must pay homage to the manufacturer with a ritualistic dance. Plugging and unplugging the device. Turning them on and off in the correct sequence like entering a konami code. Every time you want to switch devices, the tv must scan for them. And god forbid you lose power, or unplug something. You are granted the delight experience of doing it all over again. I have fond memories of the days of just plugging something in, and pressing the input button. Instant gratification. It was a simpler time. What is some other tech that used to be better?

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How did you get into coding/programming?
I've always had trouble getting into coding/programming because I've never truly dedicated myself to it. Mostly, this is because I kinda always lose momentum to learn it. I'm a heavy FOSS user; I love coreboot/Libreboot and am interested in getting into firmware development. I've already helped test hardware for Libreboot and enjoy learning about firmware. I have just started to cut out gaming from my life to focus more on this. Maybe I should start with Python? At the same time, though, I feel like I should start with C, but don't want to jump the gun too quick. Feel free to share your stories!

What are some alternatives to Google Maps?
I'm sick of using google maps, they started putting gigantic ads for stores on the map and I'm tired of them tracking me. So I ask you Lemmy, what should I switch to?! EDIT: Was not expecting so many replies, thank you Lemmy! I am checking out Open Street Maps currently thanks for the recommendations!

Why do right-wingers say that minorities must create their own stories if they are going to complain in the same way?
Netflix released the original show "Supacell" with new and original characters, but in the comments, right-wingers are complaining that the protagonists are black. The film quiet place day one was released and had a black protagonist. The character is new, original and coherent. Quiet Place is set in the USA black people exist in the USA, so what's the problem? If they are going to complain anyway, then why do they ask to make new characters?

What’s the cheapest thing you had bought that by the end of its usefulness made you say “wow, this was worth a lot more than what I’ve paid for!”
Mine... My Xbox 360 slim only costed 129 euro back in 2012 and to this day still work like brand new, you would think that the disc drive would stop working but no. Never had the need of open it or clean it's insides. Still great, I just don't use it anymore since I feel it's outdated and loading speeds are better nowadays.

How can I find out when my Android phone was first activated?
I'm not too tech savy. I've searched online and found two methods that use Google Play or my Google Account, but for the life of me I can't find the settings I'm supposed to find. And also, wouldn't this information just be stored on my device? Why do I need to ask Google about *my phone* ? Another method is using an IMEI code, which I've found on my phone but the website I've tried said they have no information about me. I could try again on a different website but this feels dodgy to me. Maybe I'm wrong. So, is there a simple way to access this information? Thanks.

What family sayings did you think was universal?
As I was growing up, my family had a couple of sayings I took for granted were universal, at least within my language. As I became an adult I have learned that these are not universal at all: - the ketchup effect. It is an expression meaning that when things arrive, they all arrive at the same time. Think of an old school glass ketchup bottle. When you hit the bottom of it, first there is nothing, then there is nothing and then the entire content is on your food. - faster than Jesus slid down the mount of olives. Basically a saying that implies that the mount of olives is slippery due to olive oil and Jesus slipped. - What you lack in memory, your legs suffer. An expression meaning that when you are forgetful, you usually need to run back and thus your legs suffer. Please share your own weird family sayings.

Not just a song that can be found in the archives, but one that almost everyone can hum, even today. (Somebody asked what was meant by "today's...." Throw whatever you want out, somebody tossed out "Love me tender" as being a tune from in the 1860s.)

How does OLED burn-in truly happen and why doesn’t my phone show any signs of it?
Title almost says it all. OLED monitors are getting more and more affordable, but it's almost out of the picture when buying a monitor because of toolbars and HUD elements. I don't understand why monitors "burn-in", when I shine my LED flashlight or some LED xmas lights they won't simply start emitting the same light even when I turn them off. I know it's a dumb comparison, but still, what happens? The other thing that I don't understand is the fact that I've never seen any signs of burn-in on anyone's phone. Alright, technically that's a lie, I did see some on a work phone (or two), that only had some chat app open, seemingly since ages, and the namebar was a bit burned-in, or something like that, as you'd guess I also didn't interact with that phone a lot. As as said above "but still," I've had my phone for a while now, so does my family and friends, some of us even doomscroll, and I've never seen any signs of burn-in on any (actually used) phone. so, I can watch my background all day, but I should open my browser every like 3 hours press f11 twice and I'm safe? Ff I'm away just let the screensaver save my screen? In that case why would anyone ever worry about burn it, you almost have to do it intentionally. But if it's really dangerous, like I immerse myself into a youtube video, but it has the youtuber's pfp on the bottom right (does youtube still do that?), and it was hbomberguy's, am I just done, toasted, burnt-in?

what was this bird trying to do?
i was walking along some bushes when a bird flew out from a bush in front of my path into a grass clearing. it was a very small crow. it made two quiet, short, high-pitched peeps in rapid succession, hopping in circles. i tried to walk around it, but it kept blocking my path and making the exact same peeps at me. i got back on the stone path, and it hopped up _right_ next to me, and starting ripping up grass and throwing it over my feet. i chuckled, and it stopped, looked up at me, and… peeped again, before continuing to bury my feet in grass. i continued walking and it followed right next to me till the end of the path before watching me walk away and then returning to its bush. i didn't recognise this bird, or seen a bird do this to me or anyone else before. i'm on especially friendly terms with the corvids in my neighbourhood, but they don't normally approach me. any ideas? have you seen something similar?

Has anyone ever had a bot on a website answer their question?
I think i did once, but this was honestly a question i could have found the answer to on their site i just didnt wanna look its always some vague bullshit that doesnt help dunno im just kinda mad that they shove this shit in your face, make it hard to get to a real person

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