What is something you wanted as a kid and bought now that you’re an adult with disposable income?
I really wanted a modded Xbox 360 when I was younger because I thought being able to play 'backed up' games and having a custom dashboard was really neat. I ended up buying one last year to fulfill that childhood wish.

How do you like to cheer yourself up when you’re sad?
Feeling a bit down tonight. How do you guys like to lighten up?

What things am I a dumbass about?
Had someone contact me because a browser interface was 'down' and it was actually a cert issue. It surprised me that in an IT context, this person didn't have a basic understanding of SSL certs. They didn't even know how to add a cert exception. It got me thinking, what basic ubiquitous things am I a dumbass about outside of IT? Ive seen lots of 'fun facts' compilations, but it would be better to get a wide range of subject suggestions that I can spend 30 minutes each or less on, and become a more capable human. Like what subjects would plumbers consider basic knowledge? Chemical interactions between cleaning products and PVC pipes? What would an accountant or a landscaper consider to be so basic its shocking people can live their lives without knowing any of it? For most areas of expertise, its difficult to know even what the basics are to start with.

Should I take away catfood once everyone’s had their initial fill?
I wanna try an experiment but I'd also like others experience here. I've noticed certain cats eat tok fast and also go back to extra food. I feel like if the overeaters/gulpers were let to eat last and then all food leftovers were removed afterwards we might have less instances of vomiting afterwards. What say you, cat-owning Lemmings?

How do you get rid of “wet dog” smell in a dishwasher?
This is a thing with every dishwasher I've had, some models seem better than other. You wash the dishes and when they dry, they have a musty odor I can only describe as "wet dog". Other people often don't seem to notice this, so maybe I am just sensitive to it. Though if I point it out, then they smell it. I have tried: - Cleaning every nook and cranny of the dishwasher and filter - Running with orange kool-aid/citric acid/lemishine in dispenser after each wash (works decently well) - Running a rinse w white vinegar after each cycle (this works the best so far) - Making sure dishes air dry instead of dry inside the dishwasher (always do this, helps a bit) In all instances where this happens, the dishes are clean and don't have food stuck to them or floating around in the water. Has anybody else fought this problem? What worked for you?

Why don’t rabies infected humans act like rabies infected animals
This always puzzled me. Why don't humans act much more aggressive or crazed like its often depicted with animals. Afaik there's 2 types of rabies, "dumb" and "furious" so my question is more towards the 2nd type. For example, we never hear of rabies causing a human to accidentally bite another human so why is that?

Offline QR Code possibility?
Is there anything similar to a QR code that works offline? Say I have a flyer that I want to discreetly distribute and there is no internet. Is there something like a QR code that contains the data itself and not just a URL? This way someone with no data plan could scan the icon/code with an app and the unrecognizable bits and bytes from the icon/code would show up on their screen as a .JPEG of a flyer or something.

What organizations and their departments offer work from home jobs/ opportunities?
I often hear of people in work from home opportunities but I find them so rare to come across. What sites / resources do you use to find remote work opportunities? Which companies still do work from home? Also please list the country the jobs are out of if you can.

Since the Turing Test seems NOT to be an accurate way to check for true AI, what is? What’s will be the indicator that tells us it’s arrived? I can’t imagine; everything seems falsifiable.
Edit: After reading the discussion, I figured I'd let GPT4 speak for itself: The quest to identify true artificial intelligence (AI) indeed presents challenges, especially as AI models become more sophisticated. Let's explore some indicators that researchers and practitioners consider when assessing AI systems: 1. **Understanding Context and Meaning**: - True AI should demonstrate an understanding of context and meaning. It should not merely generate plausible-sounding sentences but also comprehend the content it produces. - A system that can engage in nuanced conversations, infer intent, and provide relevant responses based on context would be a strong indicator of advanced AI. 2. **Generalization and Adaptability**: - An AI system that can generalize from its training data and adapt to novel situations is valuable. - True AI should not be limited to memorizing specific examples but should exhibit flexibility in handling diverse scenarios. 3. **Creativity and Novelty**: - Creativity is a hallmark of human intelligence. An AI system that generates novel ideas, art, or solutions beyond its training data suggests progress. - For instance, AI-generated poetry, music, or visual art that resonates with human emotions could be an indicator. 4. **Ethical Decision-Making**: - True AI should navigate ethical dilemmas. It should consider consequences, fairness, and societal impact. - An AI system that can weigh trade-offs and make ethical choices aligning with human values is a positive sign. 5. **Self-Awareness and Self-Improvement**: - While self-awareness akin to human consciousness remains elusive, an AI system that can self-assess its performance and seek improvement is promising. - Continuous learning, adaptation, and self-correction are essential traits. 6. **Transparency and Explainability**: - True AI should be transparent about its decision-making process. It should provide explanations for its outputs. - Efforts to develop interpretable AI models and techniques for explaining their predictions contribute to trustworthiness. 7. **Robustness and Safety**: - AI systems must handle adversarial inputs, noisy data, and edge cases gracefully. - Robustness against attacks and safety precautions to prevent harmful behavior are critical indicators. 8. **Human-AI Collaboration**: - Rather than replacing humans, true AI should complement human abilities. - Systems that collaborate effectively with humans—such as AI assistants, co-creative tools, or medical diagnostics—demonstrate progress. 9. **Quantifiable Metrics**: - Researchers propose various metrics to assess AI capabilities, such as perplexity, BLEU score, F1 score, and accuracy. - However, no single metric captures the full spectrum of intelligence. 10. **Detection Tools**: - Researchers are developing tools to differentiate between human- and AI-generated text. - These tools analyze features like fluency, word frequency, punctuation patterns, and sentence length¹. - While imperfect, they contribute to identifying AI-generated content. In summary, the arrival of true AI may not be a singular event but a gradual evolution marked by advancements in the above dimensions. As AI continues to progress, our understanding of its capabilities will evolve, and new indicators may emerge. Source: Conversation with Bing, 2/29/2024 (1) How to spot AI-generated text | MIT Technology Review. (2) Intelligent Supertrend (AI) - Buy or Sell Signal — Indicator by .... (3) Indicators - True ALGO. (4) Improve Key Performance Indicators With AI - MIT Sloan Management Review. (5) New AI classifier for indicating AI-written text - OpenAI.

What are good waterproof jackets? (budget ~100-200€)
Good evening folks! I am looking for a decent waterpoof jacket but getting kinda stumped at the options. While I would mainly use it for just taking walks, I do want something a little better that I could possibly use on hikes and such as well (might as well get a better one right away in case I ever decide to do something like that). Now, I've found Jack Wolfskin have some nice looking ones (in particular the Elsberg 2,5l), but opinions on the brand seem to differ a lot. So I wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a good brand I can get in Europe that fits my budget and delivers decent quality. Thanks everyone in advance!

Where are the best meta-communities about what’s happening on Lemmy?
[After this meta-post]( about a Lemmy instance got [removed](, I became curious: where *are* the communities that contain general discussion about the state of the broader Lemmy community itself? The bigger communities I found when looking for Fediverse meta content are: * ! ( * ! ( * ! ( But most of the communities are much smaller and less popular: * ! ( * ! ( Most of the "meta"communities I found were specific to a single server. Which is great for reporting server issues themselves, but not so great for understanding the broader community. TL;DR where drama

Whats the nost bizzare local story from your city?
A memory of the wildest ever story just came to me and I wanna hear from everyone.

What can I do about seasonal sinus infections?
In the winter, I spend more time with sinus infections than without. I feel like I've tried everything, but relief is temporary at best. edit: Thanks for the tips everyone. Upvotes all around! Some of these suggestions I've tried, others are new to me. I'm going to give them all a shot. Looking forward to breathing again!

Tea drinkers of Lemmy how do you brew your cuppa?
I've been drinking iced Earl Grey with no sweetener for years. How do you do your brew?

is blue light from led so bad cause it’s harder to make blue leds and thus the color range is more limited than red and green for what a blue light produces and thus causes our brains to get confused
i watched the veritsatum video on blue led and this sleep video at 29:30 and my brain connected dots

Why in Sci-Fi they always use Marine or Naval terminology and structure instead of Aviation for the spaceship structure, navigation and military ranks?
I don't really know how to structure this question, but yeah, why is always Naval and never Aviation?

What was the Fosbury flop of music?
When athletic height jumping was considered done and perfected, there was the Fosbury flop which opened new possibilities. Do you think there was such a moment in the music history? When someone showed how things can be done and from there everyone is using his/her technique?

how many US states have a single payer healthcare system?
cross-posted from: > like the suggested medicare for all, but only on a state level

Lemmy, have you used free software to design your dream home?
This is just for messing around to see in digital form the house that I dream of in my head. Is there a truly free one that does a decent job? I've played with it in Sims 3 but I was wondering if there was something more realistic out there. Bonus if it's something where I could generate a noob file that a pro architect could use to base a real design on.

What is the worst thing that has ever happened in the Warhammer 40K lore?
I'm very new to the Warhammer 40K universe. I found a group that plays role games and I wanted to join that I felt I needed to learn the lore first. I've been binge-watching lore videos on Youtube and BTH im hooked, I can see how similar it is to franchises that came after and were inspired by it, but at the same time is like nothing I've seen before. I actually love that there is not such a thing as a "good ending". I wanted to ask people who know more about this universe than me, what is the worst thing that has ever happened in the universe? The most tragic event? The most disturbing one? I really want to know and read about it. I wanna read some books but seems like ebooks are not available on my country, on Kindle it seems like they were purged and on Kobo maybe I could by them with a VPN or something.

does anyone have “smart glasses”? are there any that are discreet and cannot be heard by others near you?
I was looking at "spy earbuds" but they just don't seem too practical, even the real expensive ones I found are still disposable batteries only and I just don't wanna drop that kind of money. I do however wear glasses and looking online I see they average about $30 for a pair of bluetooth enabled ones. My only question is, has anyone tried these? How are they, can you get them in prescription and how discreet is the audio playback?

How to protect Intellectual Property from new employer
Pretty sure I will be asking a lawyer, but I want to learn more words and concepts first. A possible new job wants to own any intellectual property I create and wants me to declare anything I want to keep as my own. This seems normal in my industry as they will be paying me to do some thinking. Issue is that I have a number of ideas I have been developing. I am going to float some of them as products in my own time, though this may be years from now. Most of these are outside the current market for the company as far as I know. How is this typically handled? I presume I don't need to have copyrights or trademarks prior and can just list tentative titles. I am also a little unclear on the spread between "intellectual property" and "an idea I am playing with". Thoughts? Concepts to investigate? Edit: I did Internet search this, but I have not found working keywords.

![]( There are no arrows, no obvious pins, no pin latches. This band is different than all of the ones I've ever sized. Does anyone know how to remove links from this band? Edit: user Septimaeus was correct in that it was a fixed link band. The link they provided helped in understanding what is requires to resize, and the band now fits my wrist like it was made for it. Thanks!!

What do you think of Jim Morrison?
Morrison is often associated with the youth counterculture. As someone who was born in the 21st century, I want to know what type of person he was, to people who were able to witness his era. It could be anything about him - his influence, his music, his personal life, his relationship, activism, childhood, or the type of person he was, if his musics were popular and was his life tragic, or filled with happiness? I don't want to hear the Wikipedia summary, I'm interested in what you think as someone who enjoys music.

How come there are ~21 hours between the two Diomede islands that are only 4 km apart?
The Diomede Islands are two islands in the Arctic Ocean, between Alaska and Siberia. Despite the distance being 4 kilometres, there is a time difference of 21 hours between them. Why? I’m asking because it’s quite difficult for me to grasp the concept of time differences when the physical distances are so short. I know of the International Date Line, but I’m not sure what it entails. If any nerds would care to enlighten me, I’d appreciate it! (This question also applies to the Kiribati Island and Howland Island; the time difference is ~26 hours, yet the physical distance is only ~2160 km?)

How cheap is the cheapest home for sale in your city/region?
In Utah County the cheapest "House" for sale is 600 square feet, 2 bed, 1 bath, at $300k. So at current interest rate it would be $1,800 a month mortgage(assuming you put the 60k down payment! A decent amount more if you do 3% down.) The cheapest condo/town in utah valley is 205k, 1,100 square feet, on a 400 square foot lot. But due to a $500 HOA fee the monthly cost is still 1,700 a month (assuming 20% down). With 3.5% down they'd both be closer to 2.1k +PIMI. So yeah, how is where you live doing?

Help finding a specific (or suggestions for a nice one) poem for a wedding speech
Hi all, my brother is getting married soon, and I will be giving a speech at the reception. Last year I was a plus one to a wedding, and someone read this beautiful poem about love in the modern age. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find it, and I haven’t been able to get an answer through the person I knew at the wedding. The poem basically describes mundane situations in modern life. The main one I kind of remember revolved about being in an airport and possibly missing a flight. Alternatively I am also open to suggestions of poems about how love is in the day to day mundane, and not only in big gestures. Thanks in advance!

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