Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of July 7th
Whatcha playing? I slowed down a bit on shadow of the erdtree, but still working through it. I have every remembrance except the last one. I also started the riven remake and just finished getting all achievements last night. 10/10 remake. It's really good!

The format of these posts is simple: let's discuss a specific game or series! I'm going on a trip to Italy, so no better time to discuss my favorite fictional Italian plumber: **Mario**! Let's discuss the **Super Mario** series. What is your favorite game in the series? What aspects do you like about it? What doesn't work for you? Are there other games that gave you similar feelings? Feel free to share any thoughts that come up, or react to other peoples comments. Let's get the conversation going! If you have any recommendations for games or series for the next post(s), please feel free to DM me or add it in a comment here (no guarantees of course). Previous entries: [Deus Ex](, [Stardew Valley](, [The Sims](, [Half-Life](, [Earthbound / Mother](, [Mass Effect](, [Metroid](, [Journey](, [Resident Evil](, [Polybius](, [Tetris](, [Telltale Games](, [Kirby](, [LEGO Games](, [DOOM](, [Ori](, [Metal Gear](, [Slay the Spire](

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of June 16th
Whatcha all playing! I've been playing more slay the spire, working my way up to A20 with the silent. Also started fallout 76 lol. Seeing if I can get into it after getting it for free

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of December 24th
Merry Christmas!! 🎄 What have you all been playing!!

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of June 23rd
Whatcha all playing? Do I even need to ask?! Elden ring!! Shadow of the erdtree! It's so good 😊 Ofc I know the game is not for everyone though! So, shadow of the erdtree or not, what are you playing :)

Everspace 2: Why am I not considered a Pirate?
I am enjoying the game, except one thing in the story that keeps coming up and causes me cognitive dissonance. I am in the first system and it isn't clear to me why we are not considered Pirates. The characters are always saying stuff like "Don't be a Pirate" or "Kill all the Pirates". And then we do stuff like steal from factions/corporations that are neutral to us. Why doesn't that cause us to be Pirates? We literally accidentally kidnapped someone. I am so confused.

Interesting thoughts about how to define success for video games in today's market, particularly for those using early access. Lots of respect for Hooded Horse's CEO, Tim Bender, he says all the right things and seems genuine. > He describes van Lierop’s post as “exactly the kind of distorted endless growth/burden of expectations/line must go up perspective that causes so much trouble in the games industry”. He’s also unconcerned by Manor Lords falling behind its initial vast popularity, poking fun at “the apparently dark reality that some people, after enjoying their purchase of a premium, single-player title, might decide to go on and play another game (The horror! The horror!).” Headline is a little melodramatic though.

[alt text: a two frame comic, made entirely with sprites from the Pokemon games. The top panel shows the three legendary beasts Entei, Suicune, and Raikou looking at the legendary bird Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh is saying, "I will bring you back to life," while the beasts are responding "thank you, Master". The bottom panel shows the three legendary birds Arcticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres firing their elemental powers at the legendary Pokemon Lugia. The three birds are saying, "get him", and Lugia is saying, "leave me alone you stupid ass birds".]

[Alternative Youtube Link](

21st of October, let's go! Available [on Steam]( for wishlisting now as well. Not sure I agree with having the expansion on the same cost as the base game, but it *is* a tremendous amount of changes and improvements, both in the free patch as well as the additional paid content. So I'm definitely going to buy it.

Speaking of controllers: What’s your favorite WEIRD controller?
Today I learned about [the Jogcon controller]( for PS1 & PS2: ![]( This was a dualshock where the analog sticks are replaced by a dial with force feedback, so players could play Ridge Racer and really FEEL the road as if the dial was a steering wheel. I have no clue if it was good (probably not), but I do miss a good weird controller.

What are your favourite controllers?
At the moment I use my 8bitdo pro2. It was kinda expensive but its a huge upgrade from my no name switch controllers and awful gamesube one from powera. Also, the 3ds had really good controls (we don't talk about the c stick)

I asked what your fave controllers are, now. What is the worst controller you have used?
So. I have 2 I hate. I had this old gamesube one for the switch. It was a wired one by powerA. Buttons would get jammed, accidentally broke the stick by leaving it in a bad position overnight (my bad) the cover of the cstick randomly slid off (had to glue it) and the while thing was hollow. Also, I have a keapster explorer and the dpad is awful. Sometimes it jams to the left but its just a plain bad dpad, no physical feedback at all

The format of these posts is simple: let's discuss a specific game or series! Let's discuss the **Deus Ex** series. What is your favorite game in the series? What aspects do you like about it? What doesn't work for you? Are there other games that gave you similar feelings? Feel free to share any thoughts that come up, or react to other peoples comments. Let's get the conversation going! If you have any recommendations for games or series for the next post(s), please feel free to DM me or add it in a comment here (no guarantees of course). Previous entries: [Stardew Valley](, [The Sims](, [Half-Life](, [Earthbound / Mother](, [Mass Effect](, [Metroid](, [Journey](, [Resident Evil](, [Polybius](, [Tetris](, [Telltale Games](, [Kirby](, [LEGO Games](, [DOOM](, [Ori](, [Metal Gear](, [Slay the Spire](

I've been thinking of getting that game, though I am not sure on the development pace and state it is currently in. Generally I love city builders of any kind and the game looks super interesting to me (and it is currently on sale :D ). What are your thoughts?

How to get good at FPS with a controller, coming from a PC gamer?
I have been a PC gamer for the majority of my life. But before that, i was a console player on the NES. But NES mainly had platformers, and no 3d games. So i am not used to movement and camera controls simultaneously at all. I have purchased a Steam Deck OLED and it's phenomenal at playing platformers and twin stick top down games. However, i am absolutely sucking at FPS games on it. Can't make shots on the controller which are like muscle memory on my PC. I'm also having a slightly hard time on 3rd person over the shoulder games (not as bad as FPS though). It's probably because of my age (30+) I guess. My question is that is there a way to improve other than 'git gud'? Example, is there an easy FPS game where I don't have to move or shoot too fast? Or a sample controller exercise game, like we have AimLabs for mouse movement. Thanks.

[a screenshot of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, depicting Link with the camera positioned directly under his chin and pointed up at the rest of his face. There is a button prompt on screen, prompting the player to press A to "Let Go".]

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of June 30th
Whatcha all playing! Gonna be honest, it's just more shadow of the erdtree for me. Been playing the shit out of it. Bonus question: any game you got during the steam summer sale you want to shout out?

There's been tons of fun games about Lego, no doubt about it. But every game has always been the *theme* of Lego overlaid on another. Such as Lego Racing; you build a car to race with. Also, the actual environment/background is not made of Lego. The purpose is to race a car, and the building of the car is a facet of the game. The same is true for... any of them,really. Lego Marvel Superheroes, Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvel Superheroes, DC Supervillians, Lord of the Rings... etc. It's a world with a 'skin' on Lego thrown on top. (Not that it's not lovely) LEGO Bricktales is absurdly fun and very intuitive controls (I actually play one-handed!), but horribly controlled with a controller.

I am very excited for the 1.0 release! My friends and I are currently playing a multiplayer game in Update 8, and we are so close to finishing all the space elevator parts for the first time.

Anyone know any good shooters for switch?
Got the urge to play some shooters lately. Thing is idk many on switch (I mean my actual switch, not an emu this time) Downloading warface as I'm writing, I remember it being OK. Does the switch have any good ones?

[a pair of screenshots from Sonic Adventure 2. The first shows Shadow the Hedgehog, with an edited caption reading "I'm gay too." The second screenshot shows Sonic the Hedgehog grinning, with no caption.]

Best split-screen PC games with controller support
I'm looking for some fun PC games I can play with my wife/nephews. I'm therefore looking for PC games that support split screen with controller support. Any genre, but preferably games that can be played by someone no older than 12. Will be playing them on a ROG Ally connected to a TV with xbox controllers. Interested in any genre.

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The best open-source games you know
For example [veloren]( Do you play open-source games? If yes, which games do you enjoy?

What are some good classic Fallout-likes
I like not just CRPG, but specifically scifi and/or post apocalyptic CRPG. I’ve replayed the first two Fallout games umpteeth times. Wasteland 2 and 3, while being tactical CRPGs rather than singular character driven ones are high on my list of great games. But I’m looking to diversify. I know there are many Fallout-likes, but figuring out which are worth my time is difficult. So what have you? UnderRail is always recommended but it also looks kind of impenetrable to understand. ATOMRpg was fun at first when I tried it, but after a while my character simply couldn’t pass any speech checks and I got stuck wandering around the map in frustration. I haven’t tried Encased. Reviews are split, with a lot of critique of the end game. I have no clue if it’s been worked on. Colony Ship looks super interesting but I won’t buy it until it’s done.

Low Battery warning for Xbox-Controller on Android TV?
Hey guys, maybe someone has a solution for my issue: I mostly play games using a Shield TV Pro, streaming games via Moonlight from my PC. I use a Xbox Wireless Controller connected via Bluetooth to the Shield TV Pro. This works flawlessly except one little caveat: There seems to be no "Low Battery"-Warning for Controllers connected to a Shield TV. Los is obviously annoying because the controller just turns off when the battery is depleted. I can check the battery capacity in the Android settings but I get no notification of any sorts. Is it because there simply is no notification for low peripheral battery on Android TV or is it because any notification isn't visible over Moonlight? Maybe there's someone more knowledgeable than I am. :)

Favorite party games?
Whether it be video, board, card, etc., what are your favorite games to play with large groups of friends? You can't go wrong with classics like Smash Bros., Mario Party, and Jackbox. I also enjoy a good game of Codenames. What are some of your suggestions?

Xbox Extended Showcase [Repost from Main Events] - Info & Reaction Thread
cross-posted from: > Xbox Games Showcase and the Extended Showcase will air at the following time zones: > > - 10:00 (AM) PT (West Coast United States) > - 13:00 / 1:00 PM ET (East Coast United States) > - 17:00 / 5:00 PM UTC (GMT +0) > - 18:00 / 6:00 PM BST (Most of the United Kingdom) > - 19:00 / 7:00 PM CET (Most of West Europe) > - 2:00 (AM) JST (Japan) > - 3:00 (AM) AEST (Oceania) > > You can watch the streams at: > - Twitch ([with]( and [without]( American, British Sign Language and English Descriptors) > - [YouTube]( (It is confirmed YouTube will have its broadcast available in 4K) > - [Facebook](

Starfield coming with SSD requirement
This is a little unusual. Most games never explicitly say you need an SSD or a HDD - but Starfield does! This likely isn't a hard limit, as recommendations are often just that, but I cannot help but wonder what would happen if the game is run on an HDD?

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