What next for Reddit's time-traveling alien?

Man, it’s sad to see comments about how this isn’t the end of Reddit. I want one of two things: Either to see Reddit straight up die because the communities stayed down, or for them to be forced to relax their API fees. For me personally, Reddit is straight up dead if I cant use old.reddit or Reddit via Apollo / Relay Pro. I need these third party apps. The Reddit app is HORRIBLE in every way, from the layout to the ads.

Reddit isn’t special- it’s just where everyone is at atm. And why are they at reddit to begin with? It’s because of what it was - community focused, and community driven. Now it’s profit driven, and the community is pissed.

If you’re mad now, just wait till they are publicly traded, and are legally obligated to milk every last dime from their user base to satisfy investors.


As someone in the advertising industry - I felt overwhelmed by ads and served content. I want a place where my content isn’t driven by a corporation trying to manipulate my spending habits… And I want a place where no one is trying to monetize my eyes and brain. That’s why I can’t support reddit. Yeah, I know, companies need money. But back in the olden days, people weren’t the product if that makes sense. Getting everyone on the same app/platform isn’t a mistake. Apps have all sorts of other purposes designed specifically to see what you’re up to, where you are, what else you do when you’re on your phone. Corporate apps watch you. Plain and simple. Getting people off of 3rd party apps and onto a reddit app, while increasing making their users the product, isn’t an accident or coincidence.


I’m reserving all my opinions until after the 30th when all the 3rd party clients die. A lot of people dont even know their client is about to reach end of life because they dont check reddit every day or follow the news close enough.

Usage statistics saw a 15-25% hit in traffic during the protest. It’s still around 8% lower than it was pre protest.

My personal opinion though is that reddit doesnt have to die. It just has to lose it’s status as the front page of the internet. That happens when there is an alternative to reddit that has a critical mass of users to be a rival. I think we are close to that right now with lemmy.

Once it loses it’s status as “front page of the internet” its the beginning of the end for Reddit (although it has already started, perhaps just the prologue or prequelmeme of the end?).

Still learning lemmy but I’m liking it so far.

Near a billion active users per month, Reddit isn’t going to die. Doesn’t matter to me what other people do, I’ve left.


While I can’t see it dying in anytime soon in how many visitors it receives, the general “vibe” and communities of the site will differ I imagine and that’s what matters to me. The end of Apollo was it for me. Like you said, others can do whatever but I’ve left.


Depends on how you define “Active Users”.

Reddit has shitload of spam, bots, and lurkers. Only a very small slice of users actually contribute anything in the form of posts and comments.

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