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I’d say the lowest price point is still fun. I have lots of friends in my org who haven’t spent over 35 dollars. You can earn money and buy ships in game, or rent them. There are plenty of zero to hero videos on YouTube where people start with nothing. I’ve spent money on the game, true, but I’m often flying the cheap ships because they’re more fun to fly than the expensive ones. A cutlass black can be bought in game for very little, and it’s my favorite ship to daily.

Star Citizen is flawed in major ways, but it’s still my favorite game even unfinished. It does things no other game does. It’s a broken, incomplete experience, but it is still my favorite thing regardless.

It’s easy to hate on it from the outside. I was an early backer and I echoed the sentiment many of these articles have. Last December I hopped into the Alpha with a friend and after playing it every week for the past 9 months I have to say that while I acknowledge the slow and flawed development, they made something I think is awesome today. It’s maybe never coming out, but there’s a sandbox today that’s been worth exploring.

It’s these controversies that solidify my choice to use the Godot game engine for my indie dev needs.

I want to use Linux at the desktop, but I want HDR and Freesync support. Not sure if Linux supports either in a big way.

I love flying the Khartu-Al… My favorite ship to just zip around in.

I host my own instance for the same reason I self-host the dozens of other services. To have control over my digital services the best I can. I have a few server machines running various services. I run like 40 docker containers running at the moment. Lemmy is a set of those containers.

It cost me the electricity cost to run the server, plus the cost of my internet. I suppose you should include the initial hardware cost- my servers are basically my old gaming rigs. Not to mention the time investment to maintain another service. For me, it’s worth it to self-host if I can.

Specifically for lemmy, I seen how overloaded the various major lemmy instances out there were, so self hosting could mean one less user on those instances. I also didn’t see any significant drawbacks to self-hosting the instance since I can still join and communicate with all the other communities.

I play it almost daily. It’s been a blast for me. Is it broken half the time? Yeah, kinda. Is it worth it? For me it is. Nothing is quite like Star Citizen when it works.

I can’t overstate how sad I am that we don’t get the Santokyai during alien week, but I am hype for the Hull C so it balances out.

lol bro do you run 25Gbps? Than hell no. Cat6A at most for 10g, Cat5e is good enough for 1g.

Such an underappreciated game. I hope it sells well- the devs deserve every cent.

Consent-O-Matic wow, that’s a new one that I’ll definitely use. Thank you!

Man, it’s sad to see comments about how this isn’t the end of Reddit. I want one of two things: Either to see Reddit straight up die because the communities stayed down, or for them to be forced to relax their API fees. For me personally, Reddit is straight up dead if I cant use old.reddit or Reddit via Apollo / Relay Pro. I need these third party apps. The Reddit app is HORRIBLE in every way, from the layout to the ads.

Reddit isn’t special- it’s just where everyone is at atm. And why are they at reddit to begin with? It’s because of what it was - community focused, and community driven. Now it’s profit driven, and the community is pissed.

If you’re mad now, just wait till they are publicly traded, and are legally obligated to milk every last dime from their user base to satisfy investors.

Nah you’re right. I’m using jerboa right now. Not sure what’s out there on iOS.

I wish all these reddit app devs could develop lemmy apps. The options available are ok, but I’d love to see more.

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