Ublock Origin is an obvious one, but I also can’t stand not having Foxy Gestures anymore. It adds customizable mouse gestures, so you can set it up to have easy swipes to go back a page, reload a page, close a tab, etc, and it feels wonderful and smooth to use compared to just using the traditional buttons to do everything. Honestly it’s kinda wild to me that this isn’t more popular now that people are so used to phone gestures. It’s good for the same reasons!

It gets quite extensive for me by now

  • uBlock Origin
  • Consent-O-Matic
  • Dark Reader
  • Bitwarden
  • Tab Session Manager

  • SponsorBlock for Youtube
  • Return Youtube Dislike
  • Clickbait Remover for Youtube
  • Auto HD / 4k / 8k for YouTube

  • Augmented Steam
  • Show Great on Deck on Steam
  • alike03’s Subscription Info on Steam

  • Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker

And a few additional ones for selfhosted apps like FreshRSS Checker


Consent-O-Matic wow, that’s a new one that I’ll definitely use. Thank you!

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