Every Ship and or Ground Vehicle has its quirks and flight/drive characteristics. What’s your favorite and why?

Be it the fastest, the most maneuverable, the most responsive or just the most easy-going ship.

Oddly enough for me it’s the MISC Freelancer, it may not be the fastest out of the bunch but the turnrates in atmosphere just feel really right.


I love flying the Khartu-Al… My favorite ship to just zip around in.

Mustang Alpha.


It would have to be the Corsair. It’s got plenty of space for a crew, but can also be flown fine solo. A lot of DPS, and space for a fury, a cyclone, and a hoverbike all at the same time.

It can lose an engine, but with VTOL or disabling the opposing engine you can still fly straight until you can get it fixed.

So far, the Pisces R: utility, maneuverability, acceleration.

Pisces X is my go to utility vehicle.

The Origin M50 is unbeatable for joyriding. It’s extremely fast but still very manoeuvrable, and the cockpit view is great.

Drake Cutlass is the do anything, and it’s the one that feels like a space ship instead of some space plane. Wish the pilot seat was the rear one and the engines would rotate a full 180 though instead of just VTOL.

Constellation Aquila is the ship I fly most. It can do most game loops pretty well and fully manned it can be deadly.

My runner up is my Drake Cutter, I love that stupid school bus.


I love my Star Runner and plan to make it my main ship when the true complete insurance is implemented. But my most memorable flight is a chill flight over microtech on Super Hornet enjoying the view. I overlooked that ship for years but the feeling and the cockpit view is the closest to real plane right now.

Very much depends… I enjoy taking out the Origin Jumpworks 135i on moons and planets when going for loot. 6SCU for a ship this size is really great and the ability to store it away at outposts is the best. Won’t give away that another player is around and cannot be destroyed/taken by others.

Otherwise the Mercury Star Runner. Plenty of space, living room, stores ground vehicles while still not too big. And the Nightrunner skin is perfect…

I really like the MISC Reliant (Tana) experience. Having a wing that you can put either vertically or horizontally, makes that much more interesting than any other flying potatoes, especially in atmosphere :-)


I love love love the Reliant especially the Tana. Its so small but has so much teeth! And its variable geometry gives it a very interesting character.

I used to love flying this around when it first became flight ready. But it also very busted back then. The slightest hit and you would loose all control.

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