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Have you installed invidious via docker? Every time I build an image and try to install it (either using the official repo or the custom from yewtube), I get errors that the video can’t be played, any
Have you installed invidious via docker? Every time I build an image and try to install it (either using the official repo or the custom from yewtube), I get errors that the video can’t be played, any suggestions what am I doing wrong? Cc []( [](

Email services for self hosters
So, I'm trying to set up a self-hosted mastodon instance, and of course this requires an email service. Self hosting one is not an option, because of anti-spam stuff, or so everyone says. The recommendations are to use services like mailgun or postmark, but there's one thing I don't really understand: All these services require verification of an email to be able to send from it. For example, if I want to use `noreply[at]` with mailgun, I need to click a link sent to that address, which to me feels like a catch-22. How can I receive that email if I don't have the email service set up yet? Do I have to set the domain up with some private email service (protonmail, tuta...) first? Any help is appreciated, I'm pretty new at this. Edit: Alright, so it seems that Mailgun actually doesn't require this weird confirmation email, just dns records. The first one I tried, SendPulse, did. Postmark requires an email from the domain at signup. Hope someone else can learn from this.

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Most promising “self-hosting for the masses” projects?
What are the most promising projects/services aiming at making self hosting easier for everyone?

Hosted Fediverse for Family?
Do you host any Fediverse instances for family (Mastodon, etc)? Curious if you get your family to use it and what headaches when linking to other instances. Seems like a nice way to combine group texts, picture sharing, etc

What is the Right Place for the SelfHosted Community?
While I'm not interested in encouraging /r/selfhosted users to leave reddit, I thought it would be good to have some discussion around the possibilities for a selfhosted community on lemmy. It looks as though most users are washing up in !, but this is but a temporary refuge in these troubled times. The single mod is not responsive, is already struggling with load, and the background community may not be right for us. If we set up shop here we're just going to have to move, probably sooner rather than later. So if we move, do we create our own instance or move to an existing one better aligned with our needs? Given that there don't seem to be any instances which are really ideal, the remaining advantages to choosing an existing instance is simply that we rely on someone else's infrastructure (and the associated time, skill, and responsibility). This is a significant advantage which makes this option tough to pass up, but the equally significant disadvantage is that we don't get our own place. It's like renting a room in a frat house rather than building our own mansion. The remaining option is to create our own instance. If we were to go this route, in my opinion it is critically important that the responsibility for this be shared amongst several people. This dramatically reduces the odds that someone loses interest, or lacks the resources to support the community long term. While I'm certain that everyone in this sub could spin up an instance, we all know that providing high availability to potentially thousands of users is not something to be undertaken on a whim. There's a significant risk to the community in allowing someone to take this on themselves. I think fosstodon (mastodon) with several admins is a good model of how something like this can work. I also think it would be a good idea to broaden the subject to FOSS rather than merely self hosting. So the questions are... Do you think we should create & support a community on an existing instance, or create our own instance? If an existing instance then which one? If a new instance then how would you like to see it operated?

Would a raspberry pi zero manage to host a Lemmy instance?
Title, I want to host a Lemmy instance and to save money I was hoping to use a pizero that I already have. I would consider a vps, but I worry about bandwidth

Lemmy Instance in Proxmox
I'm interested in hosting a small lemmy instance from my home and I already use proxmox for several services so figured I'd start there. I got a quick test lemmy instance running on an ubuntu VM but decided I wanted to try running it in an LXC container since PVE has a great setup for those. So I tried again with an ubuntu LXC container and got that going pretty quick too. I'm wondering if running a docker container from inside an LXC container is a good idea or not. I like the idea because it seems very portable and lightweight, but I also wonder if I'm creating more overhead by doing the Russian doll thing with containers. I'm also wondering about DNS and security. The only thing I run locally that's accessible from the web is home assistant and I use Nabu Casa's service for that so it was pretty idiot proof. Does anyone have any general recommendations\dos\donts for running an instance from home? I'm planning to use cloudflare for DNS but I'm kind of new to this part so looking for advice.

Do you self host a ci/cd pipeline? If so what do you use?
Hi all, I'd like to spin up a lemmy instance with some changes I'd like to make this upcoming weekend, and I'd like to self host a ci/cd pipeline for it. At work, we use Jenkins tied to Jira. Our procedure is as follows: 1. We feature branch, build/deploy to dev (manual), self/peer verify. 2. Merge to master, build/deploy to dev (triggered by jira), QA tests 3. Promote to stage (deploy artifact from previous build, triggered by Jira), QA tests 4. Promote to prod, and pray we didn't miss any edge cases lol I'm not married to Jenkins and I'd be open to other options, if there's something you've tried that you think is better, I'd love to hear it! Would be nice to have auto triggers that are tied to kanban stories, but not necessary.

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Does it make sense to upgrade my ethernet cables?
So I self host some stuff like jellyfin, ssh server for borg backup etc. over lan(Asus RT-AX53U router). And just noticed that i still use cat5 and cat5e cables. Does it make sense to upgrade to newer cat8 cables?

Lemmy instance with traefik
Hello, first post here since leaving Reddit (yay) Has anyone successfully setup an Lemmy instance with traefik? I was thinking about selfhost a private instance but saw that Lemmy didnt support traefik. Im thankful for any help 😄

Lemmy; how do you do??
I've been working with the two suggested LemmyNet installation methods; Docker and Ansible. Neither are too wild of a setup, but they aren't plug and play docker-compose-like, either. I want to run a LemmyNet on a subdomain;, and use nginx-proxy-manager to point traffic in the right direction, but it will be on the same local IP... some port changes will need to be made. Is anyone running their own instances? Have suggestions or tips with things that helped you lean up a lemmy.subnet? Cheers!! - pAULIE42o - . . . . . . . . . . . - /s

Reddit Exodus: Welcoming the Selfhosted Community to Lemmy - Migrating to Freedom!
Greetings, self-hosting enthusiasts and welcome to the Selfhosted group on Lemmy! I am Fimeg, your tour guide through the labyrinth of digital change. As you're likely aware, we're witnessing a considerable transformation in the landscape of online communities, particularly around Reddit. So let's indulge our inner tech geeks and dive into the details of this issue, and explore how we, as a self-hosting community, can contribute to the solution. The crux of the upheaval is a policy change from Reddit that's putting the existence of beloved third-party apps, like Reddit is Fun, Narwhal, and BaconReader, in jeopardy. Reddit has begun charging exorbitant fees for API usage, so much so that Apollo is facing a monthly charge of $1.7 million. The ramifications of these charges have resulted in an outcry from the Reddit community, leading to a number of subreddits planning to go dark in protest. These actions have pushed many users to seek out alternative platforms, such as Lemmy, to continue their digital explorations. The migration to Lemmy is especially significant for us self-hosters. Third-party applications have long been a critical part of our Reddit experience, offering unique features and user experiences not available on the official app. As members of the Selfhosted group on Lemmy, we're not just bystanders in this shift - we have the knowledge, skills, and power to contribute to the solution. One of the ways we can contribute is by assisting with the archiving efforts currently being organized by r/datahoarder on Reddit. As self-hosting enthusiasts, we understand the value of data preservation and have the technical acumen required to ensure the wealth of information on Reddit is not lost due to these policy changes. So, while we navigate this new territory on Lemmy, let's continue to engage in productive discussions, share insights, and help to shape the future of online communities. Your decision to join Lemmy's Selfhosted group signifies a commitment to maintain the spirit of a free and open internet, a cause that is dear to all of us. Finally, in line with the spirit of the original Reddit post, if you wish to spend money, consider supporting open-source projects or charities that promote a free and accessible internet. With that, let's roll up our digital sleeves and embark on this new journey together. Welcome to the Selfhosted group on Lemmy!

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I am currently looking into High Availability for my work setup. I am having some problems understanding how to achive that. I have two servers, one running libvirt and a couple VM, the other one nothing much yet. To achieve HA with keepalived, I would have to setup the exact same VMs under the second server, right? If that's the case, how would I make sure that the "mirrors" stay equal, If for example the master goes down, the backup takes over, some changes are made in a DB and the master knows nothing about these changes. Maybe I misunderstood keepalived so far, can somebody provide me with an example setup or hints on how to achieve what I want to do? Kind Regards g7s

Good web-based ebook library/reader?
Looking to remove Google play books from my life, so looking for something I can toss a bunch of stuff into and use. Any good recommendations, with a decent UI?

[SOLVED] Cloudflare proxy and Lemmy w/ Ansible playbook
Hi guys, would be happy to receive some input on my current problem. I spun up my own Lemmy instance yesterday using the ansible playbook on newly set up VPS with it's own IPv4. Since I also had an unused domain I choose to use it exclusively for Lemmy. I therefore set the domain in the hosts file to exactly that one. I created the follwing DNS entries in Cloudflare for it: - A Record with name www pointing towards the ip - A CName pointing the domain without subdomain towards the thing Both without a activating their proxies. As soon as I'm activating their proxies my instances becomes unreachable and if I'm calling I'm seeing an Nginx error page. Is there a smart way anyone of you knows how I could setup my dns records in a way that I'm able to use Cloudflare proxies to kinda encapsulate my vps a bit more? EDIT: I got it solved, first on, I was most probably an idiot when setting the SSL settings. I could be possible that I changed them for the wrong domain. So in the end I did two things. First on I changed the CNAME thing into another A record pointing directly towards the server ip. I suspect this was not the root cause. Because after changing the DNS settings I discovered that again the SSL settings were set to `Flexible` this is basically a setting where Cloudflare assumes you are somehow unable to get your own SSL certificate on your server and therefore only the traffic between the users browser and them is encrypted but the traffic towards your server is not. That was most probably the main reason since this should cause an infinite forwarding of Cloudflare trying http but my server was redirecting them to https (for more info see [here]( I set it to `Full (strict)` meaning now all the traffic is encrypted using my certificate. After both changes it works now, and when pinging the url some random Cloudflare IP shows up and "my" ip is hidden. Old DNS settings: ![Old DNS settings]( New DNS settings: ![New DNS settings]( EDIT 1: Changed the title from xyz (SOLVED) to [SOLVED] xyz

Lemmy not syncing
Hello, after installing lemmy in swarm the federated sites and communities are not syncing. especially /c/selfhosted and /c/Linux from Is this related to the instance overload ?

Multiple Fediverse sites in a week
I am currently working to set up multiple Fediverse sites. I am tired of sites that establish themselves on the backs of a userbase turning on that userbase. I just don't trust "them" with my data anymore. I've built an owncast, pixelfed, lemmy, and mastodon sites as of the publishing of this. I'm going to add a PeerTube site in the coming days. I'll record my #boomer_shooter streams, edit them, and post them there. I'm tired of having to count on Social Media sites that have their own best interest at heart. And they should, that's the business model they have to abide by when they have shareholders. I'll be a 100% share holder in my sites... So, my rules.

Self-hosting Lemmy on Hetzner
This weekend I installed my own Lemmy instance, so I want to share the instructions to help others, who want to do the same. I used the [Ansible script]( and it was pretty easy. First I wanted to use my existing PosgreSQL server, what I already use for my [Akkoma server]( It didn't really work out that well, the migrations failed and I couldn't figure out what didn't work. Eventually I just went back using PostgreSQL on Docker. If you don't start modifying the script, and just use the dockerized PostgreSQL, you will have no problems with the installation. What you need first is a cheap (or expensive, if you decide to invite million friends to your instance) VPS: I use [Hetzner Cloud](, which has been working for me super well for many years and I'm very happy with the service. I got the second cheapest AMD instance, with two cores and two gigabytes of RAM. Before buying the instance, you need to upload an SSH key to Hetzner. If you don't have one, creating is easy from the command line: `ssh-keygen -t ecdsa`. What you need to give to Hetzner is your _public key_; the one with the `.pub` extension in your `$HOME/.ssh` directory. Do _not_ give the private key to anyone. Go with Ubuntu, might work the best with the Ansible script. You can now SSH to the instance: `ssh root@<ip-address from the Hetzner control panel>`. Next what you need is a domain name for the server. Lemmy wants an `A` record, and being a good internet citizen, you also get an `AAAA` record for the IPv6 users. I use [Cloudflare]( for my DNS records. It's very easy to set them from their control panel. Do not set the proxy on just yet, we'll come back to that later. You can get the IP addresses from the Hetzner panel. The IPv4 you just copy, for the IPv6 you have to replace the `::/64` with `::1`. Now you should be able to ssh to your instance with the new domain name. It's time to follow the Ansible instructions for Lemmy, just run the script and see it's done correctly with no errors. When you can login to your Lemmy instance as an admin, go back to Cloudflare and turn on proxying to your `A` and `AAAA` records to hide your server IP and prevent DDOS attacks. The first time federation is a bit slow in the beginning. Go to search in your instance, and search for ! It takes a while for the result to arrive. You can SSH to your instance, and look for the logs of your Lemmy image: ```sh root@lemmy:~# docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 9e940b84cc45 dessalines/lemmy-ui:0.17.3 "docker-entrypoint.s…" 22 hours ago Up 22 hours>1234/tcp lemmynaukio_lemmy-ui_1 6442d9d93554 dessalines/lemmy:0.17.3 "/app/lemmy" 22 hours ago Up 22 hours>8536/tcp lemmynaukio_lemmy_1 36a030f7bf27 asonix/pictrs:0.3.1 "/sbin/tini -- /usr/…" 22 hours ago Up 22 hours 6669/tcp,>8080/tcp lemmynaukio_pictrs_1 979be89076b2 postgres:15-alpine "docker-entrypoint.s…" 22 hours ago Up 22 hours 5432/tcp lemmynaukio_postgres_1 774112d48c87 mwader/postfix-relay "/root/run" 23 hours ago Up 23 hours 25/tcp lemmynaukio_postfix_1 ``` ```sh > docker logs -f 6442d9d93554 ``` This should start showing you the federated posts in real time. Eventually your search will show up, you can click the community open and subscribe to it. Do the same for other communities what you want to follow, federate other instances and eventually you are part of the federation. It gets faster and easier for the other users, but the beginning is a bit slow. Congratulations, you're now a Lemmy admin and part of the bigger federation.

Noob question: How much RAM does my VPS need if…
I plan to have the following services running concurrently on it: * A VPN (OpenVPN or Wireguard) * A very lightweight personal website * A Nextcloud instance (25GB storage max) * A Vaultwarden instance * An Invidious instance * A Matrix server * A Lemmy instance I'm unsure if these would be private or public instances. But I'd be curious to hear any thoughts on how much more space I'd need for public instances too, if you'd have a sense of that. I currently have a VPS with 2GB RAM + 50GB storage. Would that be enough? Thanks in advance!

How do i log in to a new Lemmy instance
I've set one up using the docker instructions but i can't log in to it.. When i try to signup or login the green button just swirls constantly...

what hardware is ideal for a beginner looking to self-host on Yunohost?
it's just me that's going to be using whatever it is, i plan to host a Nextcloud, probably a Matrix server using Synapse, a website, and email. i have an Ethernet cable ready to go, but i'm using someone else's internet at the moment (with their knowledge and approval). i've been looking at Pine64 SBCs, but i'm open to anything as long as it's not a Raspberry Pi

Which music streaming server?
I have 49 gb of music and at the moment i just sync it between my devices with syncthing. But i think it will be better if i stream it, as the storage on my phone is limited. Which streaming server do you recommend? I saw nextcloud music, but i have the feeling it's half backed and it will just clog my nextcloud install. Or supysonic? Ampache?


Can I run any of the following with this PC?
So I upgraded my PC a bit last year which ended up in my having 2 now since I went for an AMD and I have some spare cabinets and RAMs. Well, thing is, my other machine has these specs: ``` Motherboard: MSI H110M PRO-VH PLUS Processor: Intel Pentium G4560 3.50 GHz Cabinet: Sentey Slim SS1-2426 Hard Drive: I think it is a Seagate 1TB RAM Memory: Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 KF432C16BB/8 ``` I would like to run any of the following, multiple if possible: - A Lemmy instance - A private tracker - A Matrix instance So what do you say? Is it good enough for any of this shit or is it a piece of junk? I've been using it to play video games but with another 8gb of ram and it worked okay-ish.

[Question] OVH vs hetzner for a cheap dedicated server
I don't know if renting a dedicated server goes against the point of selfhosting but whatever. Everyone seems to recommend hetzner on reddit because they are cheaper, but OVH seems to be much cheaper that hetzner for low end servers, especially the Kimsufi and So You Start ranges. This is the server I was looking at with OVH: CPU : Intel Xeon D1520 - 4c/8t - 2.2 GHz/2.6 GHz Memory : 32 GB DDR4 ECC Storage : 4 x 2 TB HDD SATA Soft RAID Public bandwidth : 250 Mbps Price: £26.66 per month. hetzner seems to start a lot higher with specs, but I don't need 64GB of ram and a 1Gb/s internet connection, The instance I am posting this from is the lowest spec kimsufi possible with an intel atom and 4GB of RAM and that is running lemmy and mastodon fine. Is there something else bad about OVH that I am missing? (other than the flammable servers)

[]( []( [](

Lemmy takes over the world
The death of Reddit shall bring the life of Love, Bro. Karyl

post from : > I am a software developer by craft and a linux system admin by hobby. I cannot commit to moderating and managing my own instance, but I would be glad to help someone with the technical aspects. > > The most common complaint I saw in Reddit and here about switching to Lemmy is the difficulty of setting it up, so I thought I would help bridge this gap. > > While I have never hosted my own instance before, I already checked the setup guide and it looks pretty simple to me, so I am confident I can do it. Please feel free to comment or DM. > > It would be great if you can comment general questions. I can then respond to you here and maybe others will see it and know how to host their own instances too.

cross-posted from: all over the fediverse (I think this is probably an okay place to post this, lmk if not) Looking for collaborators to create a new instance of Lemmy. Among other things this instance will differ from existing ones by having a self-governing structure. Check out the very rough draft linked below to learn about my current vision for this community. Much on the doc will change based on other people's ideas. This community's goal is for it to belong to the community. No specific skills needed, but please read through the concept outline before getting in touch. Any type of contribution is amazing. You just have to be interested. Join me in creating a unique and innovative platform.

Co-op Cloud
Public interest infrastructure. An alternative to corporate clouds built by tech co-ops. A bit similar to Yunohost.

[Project] Nextcloud Hub 5
cross-posted from: >

r/ntfy moving to Lemmy
Hey folks, the r/selfhosted community has always been very kind to [ntfy](, and with recent events, I'm moving the r/ntfy subreddit to Lemmy. Feel free to join and/or ask questions about ntfy.

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